Such dangerous symptoms as Quincke's edema and anaphylactic shock develop very rarely, isolated cases. However, there are risks, so you need to keep adrenaline and antihistamines on hand in case the patient's life is in danger. | 803-792-5236

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    Establishing the causes of the development of symptoms is based on the collection of a detailed anamnesis. The task of the specialist is to compare the appearance of signs of the disease with taking the drug.

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    To do this, the doctor must clarify the following points: the amount of insulin injected; after what time the malaise appeared; what drugs were taken along with insulin; what kind of online pharmacy did the person eat? Have there been similar symptoms before?

    Moreover, the study should be carried out by several doctors, including an infectious disease specialist, an endocrinologist, a therapist and, of course, an allergist.

    In some cases, you need to confirm your guesses and exclude other diseases with similar symptoms. For this, blood is examined for infections, histamines and specific antibodies. Intradermal tests allow you to put a final point in the diagnosis: the patient is injected with a small amount of the allergen, after which the body's reaction is observed.

    Usually this diagnostic method is the most reliable, and treatment is prescribed based on online pharmacy. Unlike many other allergens, insulin does not pose a particular danger to the life and health of the patient.


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    If the symptoms go away on their own within a few hours (usually it happens), and the person does not feel serious discomfort, then therapeutic measures are not needed. Otherwise, you need to take antihistamines after each injection of insulin. Since some diabetics inject up to 3 times a day, not every antihistamine will work. For example, soOther common remedies such as Zirtek, Zodak or Suprastin are not suitable for such frequent use. A drug such as online pharmacy is optimal. This is an old generation antihistamine, it is permissible to use it several times a day.

    In some cases, it is required to refuse insulin in the form in which it is taken by most patients with diabetes mellitus. The subtlety is that it is almost impossible to replace the medicine, so each patient has to select a special type of insulin with a certain degree of purification. If the reaction is too strong, and the symptoms do not go away for a long time, it is recommended to take human or porcine insulin with a minimum zinc content. Now there are varieties that do not contain it at all, and the amount of dangerous protein compounds is minimized.

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    ZaMyra Dow-Shaw, LCSWA

    ZaMyra Dow-Shaw, LCSWA

    It will not be possible to completely abandon this allergen, since the drug is vital for patients with diabetes. As the main preventive measure to avoid the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms, a product is selected that has the highest degree of purification.
    Lashari Bell

    Lashari Bell

    Treatment is based on taking antihistamines, mostly of the older generation, as some of them can be taken several times a day. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to use the most purified insulin, as well as to change injection sites.